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Q:  Are we a proper club.

We are members of the British Kendo Association which is the governing body for Kendo in the UK. As a result we adhere to the BKA policies regarding H&S and Child Protection.

Q: Who can practice kendo?

A: If you are fit enough for reasonable physical exercise you can probably start kendo. Please check with your doctor if you are currently inactive or have health concerns. Kendo is a demanding activity that doesn't suit everyone but students work at their own level and pace so don't be put off if you aren't in the best of shape to start with. Kendo players strive to improve their balance, posture, co-ordination, flexibility,agility, reflexes and strength as well as concentration, commitment , fighting spirit and understanding of techniques and strategy no matter how long they have practiced. Kendo is suitable for people who haven't thought of themselves as 'sporty' before as well as people who are already physically accomplished.

Q: How much does it cost.

To do Kendo with us you are required to be a member of the BKA . Membership costs can be found on their website. Adult membership runs from January to December each year. You may join as a temporary member for 3 months after which if you wish to continue you must become a full member.  Junior membership and concessionary membership costs are also on the same page.

In addition every member of Kagami Shin pays monthly dojo fees due on the first practice of each month. These are kept to an absolute minimum (currently £20) and are used solely for the administration of the dojo. No one takes fees for teaching. 

Q:   Do  you have equipment.

We have a limited amount of club Bogu which members may use until they purchase their own, 

Q: When will I need armour and how much will it cost?

A: Students will be expected to be able to perform at a reasonable level before wearing armour. Four to six months is a rough estimate but it varies from person to person. Armour starts at about 250 pounds for the simplest set. Many students spend more because you get what you pay for. More money means longer lasting and more protective. More expensive armours are often more customised. There is no pressure for students to go out and get armour. It is natural for students to want to get armour when they can afford it. Please don't buy armour without seeking advice.