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                        KAGAMI SHIN

                                   ‘Mirror Heart’

The Mirror (Kagami) is of course one of the three sacred regalia of Japan—the Mirror, the Sword and the  Jewel. When one looks into a mirror one sees a true reflection of the self. This true reflection must also figure in one’s practice in that it must be a sincere and honest practice without any ‘blemishes’ such as ego or self delusion.

In order to achieve the clear and true reflection from the mirror, one must polish it constantly to keep it clean —thus in order to achieve a clear and true self one must polish (train) constantly in technique so that the constant training becomes the polishing that achieves perfection of both technical skill and inner strength.

To attain this level of perfection one must put one’s heart into it. (Shin -  Kokoro -  Heart -  Spirit) and practice with true spirit so that spirit is reflected constantly in one’s practice of Kendo, not only in Kendo but in all that one undertakes.

‘One must polish the mirror a thousand times a day so that not one speck of dust shall mark its surface’

E J Shaw  

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